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Why Team in Training?   Why the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society?

With so many worthy organizations that are in need of resources, why do we choose the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society?  The most obvious reason to our family is that Mary's brother Phil was lost to Lymphoma back in 2003.  That January day was a sorrowful day as a son, grandson, brother, dad, husband and friend were lost.  Team and Training provides a vehicle for money to be raised to improve the outcomes of blood cancer patients  through the research and development of new drugs.  As 10 years has now past since Phil's death, we have also seen some triumphs. Our neighbor fought Hodgskins Lymphoma and joyfully remains in remission today.  She is a mom, wife, grand daughter, sister, daughter and friend.  We are currently witnessing a dear friend give it her all as she battles Hodgskins Lymphoma.  Her spirit is amazing and she sits down for each chemo treatment with the hopes for the cure. She also is a wife, mom, daughter, sister and friend.  We pray for her daily. 


We are personally offended with the young families that are devastated by these cancers.  We know treatment advancements would not be possible if it was not for ordinary people, taking extraordinary measures  to partner with the scientists who dedicate their lives to find a cure.   We have set a goal to raise $5000.00 to be donated to the LLS.  Dave willl ride his bike 100 miles with Team and Training around the pristine Lake Tahoe.  This coarse is not an easy feat.  However, it is a reminder that we are here on the earth to embrace the physical and dedicate the ride to those who have and are now currently battling blood cancers.  Join us for our fun event to celebrate all that has been done to advance treatment and the hope that the future holds for further cures!  Cheers!


Addendum to this story  Since I wrote this piece, Nicole, who we mentioned above, has recently been cleared of cancer three months into her chemotherapy!   An amazing feat considering at Thanksgiving she was being staged with stage IV Hodgskins Lymphoma.   Everyone who knows and loves Nicole are elated with this news, especially Nicole and her family.  We are even more  re-charged with the mission of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society as Nicole had an amazing outcome of treatment in a short time.  We want to keep this momentum up.  We want to have other families have the same good fortune. Come and celebrate how good will and team work really do make an extraordinary difference! Yay TEAM in Training!

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